Spoonfuls of Spontaneity


Tony Robbins says that, as humans, we need certainty. But in equal measure, more or less so depending on our taste, we conversely need uncertainty. Survival guaranteed equals a relaxed nervous system. Survival guaranteed for too long equals potato chips and a long snooze on the couch, TV blaring.

In other word, survival for too long = boring.

Enter Spontaneity. Goddess of ease and luck. If you’re of German descent you might not like her. She ruins plans. Sometimes she enhances them, but often she takes a mighty sledgehammer to your day. You can be left with rubble or butterflies, it depends on your mindset.

Spontaneity loves Ireland. A lot. Here follows, a comparison:

1. I met a couple from Philadelphia in the Bantry House Gardens in West Co. Cork. I asked the woman where she was from and after her response went to continue the conversation by telling her where I was from. After I finished she remained silent and we parted ways. Very awkward. It didn’t feel good, at all.

Scamp2. Same location. My friend Ger from Cork City had some Irish kids minding his Parson’s Jack Russell while we had tea. The kids (and their adults) fell in love with Scamp. When we emerged from the tea house, we had a long chat with them all, took pictures, and exchanged email addresses. Way more fun.

This kind of thing happens all the time in Ireland. The people here have time for you. They may not make their appointments on time, but for Christ Sake, is it the end of the world? Of course, every culture has their shadowy side. I’m not idealizing Ireland. I’m just saying it’s some good medicine. Spoonfuls of Spontaneity everyday would do most people I know quite a bit of good.

And to all my American readers, a note:
Please don’t be jack asses while traveling. Take the time to get to know people. Open yourselves up and stop being so freaking awkward. You’re pissing me off.

Kat & AnkeSo, what is your relationship with spontaneity?

How do you feel as an American traveling in another country?

Any good “American tourist” stories? You know, where you see an American acting like a caricature of an American:)

I’d love to hear from you!