Budget Airfare to Ireland

This has been YEARS in the making! Norwegian Air and Wow Air have finally opened up routes from the US to Cork City! Here are the details you need to know about this incredible new offer on budget airfare…

It used to be, if you wanted to head down to County Cork, you had to fly into Dublin or Shannon Airport and take a bus, train, or rental car and spend between 3-4 hours traveling the distance to arrive in the Rebel County. Yeah, I know, you’re all rebels out there:)

No more! Unless you want to:)

Norwegian Air opened up a direct flight from Providence, RI to Cork City that began in July 2017. So far, they only fly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on this route. But…if you take the cheapest option (not including a few extra fees) you could fly in for Retreat to Ireland or your Ireland vacation leaving the US on August 28th for as little as…$254.20. Incredible!

There are extra fees, while some things are free, so here’s the low down…

Here’s what Norwegian Air says about Hand Baggage:

• You can always bring one carry-on bag in the cabin free of charge.
• You can also bring one small personal item on board. This could be a little handbag or a slim laptop case that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you.
• Your ticket type will determine how heavy your hand baggage can be: LowFare, LowFare+, Premium = 10 kg – 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Here’s what Norwegian Air says about Checked Baggage:

Your ticket type determines if checked baggage is included, or whether you’ll need to pay a little extra.

You can add checked baggage to an existing booking up until 6 hours before departure. It’s quick and easy to do online or by giving our Contact Centre a ring.

We understand that plans sometimes do change, but unfortunately our optional service charges are not refundable.

Be Prepared to pay a fee of $65 (one way) or $130 (total) to check one bag for an international direct flight.

Now on to WOW Air…

Wow Air is an Icelandic airline. Their new route goes from Boston, MA to Cork City via Reykjavik. This is a budget airline so expect low prices, be mindful of extra fees, and pack your own food to save!

Wow also flys from other US cities, like Miami, to Cork City, so keep that in mind.

I’m stoked for these new opportunities to fly to Europe so affordably. This summer most big airlines are charging between $800-$1200 to get overseas during peak season. If you don’t mind sacrificing a little comfort, you too could get yourself across the pond and into cultures and experiences unknown:)

Have you flown Wow or Norwegian Air? What was your experience? Would you consider flying a budget airline? Post your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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