West Cork Dream

Retreat to Ireland is held in the largest county in Ireland, County Cork. And it’s specifically located in an area lovingly known as “Wesht Cork” by the older farmers and country people. Acknowledged by wider Ireland as a quirky locale with a cosmopolitan mix of humanity, you can’t walk two steps without meeting a yoga teacher; or a drop of moisture for that matter.

The back roads here are filled with megalithic sites that only require the jump of a fence or a farmer’s permission to explore. You won’t find toll booths before the beehive huts like in Dingle or the “adopt a lamb” schemes of neighboring County Kerry. No. You’ll find a real place full of hardworking people. Like an Irish woman cooking Thai food in her restaurant or 3 young women who opened a pop up shop highlighting local craftspeople or a man who raises cows and sheep and vegetables for his family. It’s not all wool caps and quaint humor and magic mist anymore. Though that exists too. Ireland is so much more than its’ stereotypes.

The harbour in Cork City is said to be the second largest natural harbour in the world.
Bantry Bay, near where I live, is over 131 feet at its’ deepest.
And everything from common dolphins to humpback whales can be found in the waters surrounding this part of the world…

Did you know County Cork is home to storytelling, jazz, and stone carving festivals?
Or that there are rugby and gaelic football leagues in almost every little village?
Did you know that the sea here smells more during low than high tide?

I made this short video to promote Retreat to Ireland AND to highlight some of the natural beauty of this region… the natural beauty is what kept me coming back year after year and eventually caused me to move to this area.



Take a moment and comment below…have you ever been to County Cork? What did you love about it?



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