Want a taste of Retreat to Ireland? Try this yoga class!

Yoga teacher and her class

Yoga is a part of every morning on Retreat to Ireland. We typically have 90-minute sessions before breakfast to get you a little sweaty, breathing deeply, and ready for our adventures in the afternoon. We’ll explore all kinds of poses and even get upside down!

What to expect while you sweat…

-I teach to who shows up and always give options. You can opt-in or out depending on what you need!

-I give hands-on adjustments … most of them are simple. You can always say no.

-I will take care of you and challenge you in class. And honor your own experience as you explore!

-I will sing to you during final relaxation:) My students say this is one of their favorite parts.



“Kat connects easily with her students and is able to provide excellent verbal instruction, physical demonstrations, and hands-on guidance that fosters an intimate and inspiring learning environment. In addition, she has a wonderful sense of humor and creativity. Kat has a personal commitment to self-discovery and growth and this comes through in her vibrant energy and interest in her student’s experiences. She is definitely an inspiration to me on my yoga journey!”
-Christy West from Carnation, WA


A typical class…

Pranayama (Breath work)
Warm Up
Abdominal Work
Meat of the class, often themed, working towards an apex pose
Warm Down
Savasana (Final relaxation)


Want to try a class with me?

This is a gentle 27-minute Forrest yoga class just for you! Try it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy:) And remember, listen to your body’s cues as you stretch and breathe. They are chock full of good information!



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