Happy May Day!

Happy May Day from trying to be sunny Ireland everyone! Did you know there is an old customer here, particular to this day? Since pagan times people have been leaving a bouquet of fresh wildflowers on their doorstep (picked either the night before the 1st of May or the morning of) to bring protection to their home, ward off bad luck and welcome in the new season that some call summer here! Some call it Spring. It’s unclear and I’ve lived here for four years:)

In counties like Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon this tradition is still very much alive. People decorate roofs, doorways and windowsills with wild flowers like primroses, bluebells, and cowslip. They even create temporary kitchen altars with bouquets!

Bouquet for Wildflowers on a Doorstep
What flowers do you recognize in this bunch?

Traditional Irish riddle for May Day:
I wash my face in water that has never rained nor run and dry it in a towel that was never wove on spun.

While work got in the way of creating my own May Day doorstep bouquet today, it doesn’t have to for you! Those of you in the US and time zones behind Ireland, it’s not too late! Take a moment to pick a few flowers, honor your Irish ancestors (or any of your ancestors really) and welcome in this new season with an ancient tradition. And send us a photo if you do it! We’d love to see.

I also wanted to take a moment and offer up an amazing online yoga class that one of my main mentors, Kelley Rush, put up online. And guess what? It’s a chair yoga class! It’s suitable for all levels and I was amazed at the good feeling I had after my practice today. Kelley is the perfect compliment to a handful of wildflowers. Take 20 minutes out for yourself and try this class. All you need is your own self and kitchen type of chair. Enjoy!

Happy May Day! May this new season bring all the brightness and hope that Spring promises. Sending love from Ireland.

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