Past Retreats

Each year the Retreat will take on its’ own flavor. That flavor is dependent on so many beautiful and uncontrollable factors: the weather, the participants, their desires, and the very spontaneous nature of Ireland herself. I created this page to help you get a sense of retreats past. Each experience is unique and unrepeatable. Enjoy!


Retreat to Ireland 2018 (September 10th – 17th)

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[su_quote cite=”Molly Peterson (2018 Participant)”]This has been the most heart opening trips and I’m blessed to have had time to deepen my friendship with Colleen into a sisterhood. Ireland does that kinda thing…[/su_quote]

Retreat To Ireland 2016 (July 21st to July 29th)

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Retreat To Ireland 2014 (July 26th to August 2nd)

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[su_quote cite=”Stacey Faulker (2014 Participant)”]The entire experience is one that I will never forget. The retreat was a great way to see and experience the magic that is Ireland. I feel like I got to experience Ireland in such a way that not many other people have, and for that I am grateful. Thank you, Kat![/su_quote]



Retreat To Ireland 2013 (May 3rd – May 11th)

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[su_quote cite=”Suzie Scaringi (2013 Participant)”]The trip is labeled “Retreat to Ireland”. My label would be “A Real Irish Experience”. I spent one week before the retreat doing touristy things in Dublin, Galway, and Killarney. The week with Kat on the Sheep’s Head Penninsula was spent experiencing the land, the weather, the food, the music, and the community. It was more about the culture than it was about yoga. Yoga was what brought us all together and Kat is an excellent yoga instructor so we had good sessions each day, but this trip was more about directly experiencing Ireland. Thank you, Kat, for giving that to us.[/su_quote]