About Us

My name is Kat Koch and the first time I went to Ireland was on April 15th, 2009. That’s right, tax day! I’ll never look at tax day the same. I spent 2.5 months exploring the perimeter of the country, spending a large portion of time in SW Cork. I fell in love with Ireland. That smile you see on my face, that is pure joy right there. In 2015 I moved to County Cork and have been living there full-time learning the mysterious ways of the Irish.

I have been traveling nationally and internationally since childhood. I would say, without a doubt, it is my passion. When I was 10 years old I spent the summer in Angers, France. When I was a junior in high school I spent 6-weeks in China teaching English to 6-12 year old kids. As an adult I’ve taught international yoga workshops, international nature connection workshops, and spent countless hours exploring the back roads of Ireland. If you’re looking for a tour guide that gets mistaken for a local, you’ve found her!

In March 2010 I completed a 28-day intensive yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest in Seattle. I continued my yoga education the following year and graduated from the year-long Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program in NYC. And in the summer of 2012 & 2016 I graduated from the 9-day Forrest-Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. I taught yoga in the greater-Seattle area for 5 years before moving to County Cork, Ireland. I love yoga. In my opinion it is an amazing tool for self discovery and health.

I am also a vocalist and dancer. During my time in Ireland I’ve sung in pubs, traded songs with locals, and learned traditional Sean Nos and Set Dancing. It is a joy and a privilege to receive the opportunity to guide you on the Ireland Retreat. I look forward to connecting with you and spending time together in an ancient land full of magic. If you have any questions, just email me: kat@RetreatToIreland.com

We are also incredibly lucky to have some of my friends who’ve been born and raised in SW Cork be a part of Retreat to Ireland. They know the roads, people, and places of this area like the back of their hands and have in-depth local knowledge to share with you as you experience the Irish landscape.