The Sheep’s Head Peninsula is one of the best kept secrets of southwestern Ireland. It has plenty of infrastructure, without the tourism that commonly surrounds the Cliffs of Moher and Dublin. Spending time here I’ve felt more like a resident than a traveler!

We will be staying in a beautifully renovated Irish home that belongs to a friend of mine, Sheila Ellis. Sheila is a carpenter, teacher, and swing dancer. She has done an amazing job refabbing and expanding her family cottage making it an ideal location for a retreat!

Sheila’s home has the quaint feel of a by-gone Ireland with many modern amenities. The yoga room overlooks the sea and the floors are heated. Shared rooms with bathrooms nearby are the norm. Both breakfast, lunch, and most dinners will be taken care of here with provisions coming from local farms and gardens whenever possible.

Watch this award-winning video about the magic of the Sheepshead Peninsula!