How do the Irish see American people?

Since moving to Ireland I’ve discovered that the Irish love American music, think we’re a bit naive, and all in all really like us as a people. While we are all speaking English, we are most definitely speaking different languages. Literally and figuratively. Americans tend to be direct and Irish people tend to be a bit more, well, indirect. You must use your intuition more to discover what someone is actually saying.

The past few days I’ve been interviewing Irish people on their views on Americans. I put together a compilation of their beautiful accents and ideas. Take a listen. It’s 5 minutes long. Humor included:)


I also asked an American friend of mine to speak about the differences in culture he notices. He’s been living in Ireland for over 10 years and visiting for most of his life. He’s got some great perspective.


I enjoy this Irish man’s thoughts, but the techno in the background made it hard to add to the compilation:)

Now, what about you?

Are you from Ireland? How do you see Americans? Or are you from the US with an insight into Irish culture? Comment below! If you’re from somewhere else entirely, feel free to share your perspective. It’s fascinating how we perceive one another.



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