It’s Snowing in Ireland!

Storm Emma has made her way down from Siberia and is HAMMERING all of the UK and Ireland, as well as parts of Europe. Virgin snowflakes are falling upon revirginized ground and the snowfall is impacting these countries quickly. You see, it doesn’t normally snow here, so ya know, plows aren’t part of the infrastructure.

The Retreat to Ireland locations haven’t seen snow in over thirty years. Wow.

Can you remember the first time you saw snow? Now imagine being 30. Pretty cool:)

Normally an Irish snowman is two potholes filled with rain and some strategically placed sticks, coal, and carrots. But thanks to Emma we are now seeing this:


Posted by the Munitre Bhaire or Sheep’s Head Council. Be safe, be seen:)


Photos of West Cork in the Snow!

Check out the following photographs from some of my friends and acquaintances. Enjoy! And for those of you reading this and experiencing the storm, good luck, stay safe, and if you can, go sledding!

Snowman and Daffodils in IrelandSpring really has sprung! I wonder how the plants will deal with this unusual weather?


I love this tower on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. It was in the process of being restored. There’s a small cabin to the right with a bed and a wood stove in it. It’s just out of frame.


Coal Tit perching during a snowstorm in IrelandA gorgeous picture of a Coal Tit on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula by artist Annabel Langrish.


Car covered in snow in County CorkWow, I can hardly believe it! And from what I hear, the snow is still falling…


Walking signpost and snowThis marker indicates you’re on the Sheep’s Head Way route. Near Durrus.


Snow and a Celadndine flowerA lesser-celandine (Ficaria verna) from Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve, located about 2 miles from September’s Retreat to Ireland.


A blue tit perched during a snow stormAnd finally, a blue tit perching during this Wild Atlantic storm. Thanks to Annabel Langrish for the photo.


When you think of Ireland, do you think of snow? Do you have any of your own Irish snow photo beauty to share here? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!


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